Teratogenic effect of formaldehyde in rabbits

Saraj; A. A. Al

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 1-4

  Thirty three pregnant rabbits were exposed to vapour of 10% formaldehyde (12 ppm) throughout the gestation period to know its effect on newborns. The results showed no abortion or foetal mortality but there were some anomalies (23.8%) among the newborns rabbits which includes: meromelia (6.8%), encephalocele ...  Read More

Detection of Cryptosporidium spp. in feces of ducks in Nineveh governorate

N. H. Mohammed

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 1-5

  The results of examining 100 fecal samples of ducks from different locations of Nineveh governorate revealed 77% infection with Cryptosporidium by using modified acid fast (hot) stain, whereas the percentages of infection were 63% and 56% by staining with iodine and flotation with sugar solution technique, ...  Read More

Effect of cholesterol biosynthesis inhibitor on some biochemical parameters in normal male rats

M. S. Kalo

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 5-12

  Endogenous cholesterol acts as a precursor of testosterone and other steroids hormones, this study was conducted to evaluate if there is a counterproductive effect associated with inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis pathway specially in high doses and the degree of these effects in normal male rats. ...  Read More

Lesions of urinary bladder in sheep slaughtered at Mosul slaughter house

A. M. Ali; A. A. Al-Hially; K. H. Al-Mallah; A. I. Al-Taee

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 7-15

  Urinary bladder samples (83) were collected from male sheep directly after slaughter. Gross and histopathological examination were performed for detection of any pathological changes, the collected samples included various groups of lesions that been diagnosed including the Disturbances of cell metabolism ...  Read More

Effect of dexamethasone on osteoclast formation in the alveolar bone of rabbits

S. A. Hamouda; A. Y. Yasear

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 13-16

  This study was planned to determine whether a short period dexamethasone treatment induce alveolar bone loss or not, therefore, twenty six male albino rabbits were divided into three groups as follow: Test groups I (10 rabbits) received 1.56 mg/kg dexamethasone intraperitoneal injection daily for two ...  Read More

Effect of soybean seeds alone or in combination with insulin or glibenclamide on serum lipid profiles in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

O. H. Aziz

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 17-23

  The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of soybean seeds administration alone or combined with either insulin or glibenclamide on serum lipid profiles in diabetic rats. Male Wister rats were induced diabetes by a single subcutaneous injection of alloxan 100 mg/kg.b.w.The rats randomly ...  Read More

Diagnosis and classification of Eimeria species in cattle in Mosul

H. S. Al-Bakry

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 17-21

  Examining 140 fecal samples of cattle from different regions of Mosul showed that the total percentage of infection was 25.71% with the oocysts of Eimeria, and the species of Eimeria recovered were: E. subspherica (11.42%), E. zuernii (8.57%), E. bovis (6.42%), E. alabamensis (5%), E. canadensis (4.28%), ...  Read More

Treatment of anestrous in buffalo cows by massaging the uterus and ovaries rectally

M. A. Rahawy

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 23-25

  This study was conducted to evaluate the application of the massage method of the uterus and ovaries by rectal palpation to treat true anoestrus in local Iraqi buffaloes. The study was conducted during the period from September 2007 to May 2008, on 236 buffalo cows including 113 multiparous and 123 heifers. ...  Read More

Effect of sesame seeds on blood physiological and biochemmical parameters in broiler breeder hens

M. M. Alkatan; A. F. Abdulmajeed; S. Y. Abdul-Rahman

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 25-28

  The study was carried out to investigate the effect of employing sesame seeds in broiler breeder diet on some physiological parameters. 30 Cobb breeder hens (36 week age) were divided into 3 groups (10 hens each). The 1st group was reared on standard ration (control), the 2nd group was reared on standard ...  Read More

Extraction of Staphylococcus aureus toxin from minced meat in Mosul City

E. R. Al-Kennany; I. A. Al-Juboori; O. H. Sheet

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 27-32

  This study was conducted to isolate and identify of Staph.aureus with its toxin from (41) sample of minced meat from different areas of Mosul city collected between April to July 2007. The positive samples to bacterial isolation reached 14.6%.In order to search the effect of bacterial toxin 0.2 ml and ...  Read More

Detection of antibodies level for goat brucellosis in Mosul, Iraq

I. M. Ahmed; S. Y. Al-Baroodi; Aalim; A. M. Al; M. Y. Al-Attar

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 33-36

  This study included 184 serum samples collected from goats, the samples were distributed between aborted, vaccinated and unvaccinated females in the period between February–September 2007 in Mosul city. Rose Bengal Test and 2-mercaptoethanol test were used to evaluate antibodies in serum samples. The ...  Read More

Therapeutic efficacy of a mixture of ivermectin and closantel against gastrointestinal parasites in draft horses

B. A. Albadrani; M. K. Aldelami

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 37-42

  Examination of 19 fecal samples showed positive results for nematodes. It was classified as a single and mixed infestation 58.0% and 42.1% respectively. The percentages of infestation with Strongylus spp, Oxyuris equi and Parascaris equorum were 31.58%, 15.75%, 10.52% respectively. Administration of ...  Read More

Identification of beef using restriction fragment length polymorphism–polymerase chain reaction

R. A. Al-Sanjary

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 43-46

  To differentiate the beef from other types of meat consumed by human, DNA markers based on polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism technique is performed by using universal primers designed on mitochondrial cytochrome b gene to obtain amplified band 359 bp, then digested with ...  Read More

Effect of Nigella sativa meal in native milking cows rations on milk production and its composition and the digestion coefficient of the nutrients

N. Y. Abou; N. M. Abdullah; A. K. Nasser

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 47-53

  Two groups of Sharabi cows were examined, each consisted of four cows during the first month of labor, having about equal live body weight and milk production. The cows in the first group were fed individually on concentrated ration containing 5% of soybean meal in an enough amount for maintenance ...  Read More

Effect of magnesium deficiency on bone metabolism in female rats

H. M. Ahmed; E. M. Al-Khshab

Volume 23, Issue 1 , June 2009, Pages 55-63

  The present study undertakes the deficiency effect of dietary magnesium on bone metabolism and some biochemical parameters in female rats. Experimental diets included control diet (65 mg magnesium / 100 g) and the deficient magnesium (3 mg/100g) diet. Deionized water was supplied for drinking. Forty ...  Read More