Effect of vitamin e on sexual efficiency in male rats treated with cadmium

S. A-K. Rasheed; A. A. Hassan; B. N. Aziz

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 1-9

  To examine the possible protective role of vitamin ‘E’ 500 mg/kg diet as antioxidant against cadmium induced oxidative stress, 20 male albino rats (3-4 months old) were exposed during 2 months to oral intake of cadmium 25 mg/L (as cadmium chloride) in drinking water, cadmium for 2 months associated ...  Read More

Short–term effect of chlorpromazine and diazepam on blood plasma acetylcholinesterase activity in chicks

L .K. Yacoub

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 11-14

  The response of blood plasma acetylcholinestrase to acute administration of chlorpromazine and diazepam was examined in chick. Chlorpromazine in a dose–dependent manner at 25, 50, and 75 mg/Kg, subcutaneously inhibited the activity of Ache in the blood. Chlorpromazine (50, 75 mg /kg) significantly ...  Read More

Identify the biting lice attacking the chickens in Arbil governorat

R. A. Aliraqi; Kh. A. H. Amin

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 13-21

  This study was conducted to identify the biting lice attacking the chickens in twenty locations within Arbil governorate. Results showed that the chickens were infested with six species of lice that are chicken body lice (Menacanthus stramineus), feather shaft lice (Menopon gallinae), chicken head lice(Cuclotogaster ...  Read More

Immune response in Rattus rattus norvegicus rats against infection with giardiasis by the lipopolysaccharide extracted from Escherichia coli II. Blood picture

S. Y. Yousif; A. A. Ali

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 15-27

  The study investigated, for the first time, the effect of the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) secreted by Escherichia coli, as an immunomodulator, against infection with giardiasis caused by Giardia lamblia in Rattus rattus norvegicus. The pathological changes occurred in the rats treated with LPS, were followed ...  Read More

Interaction between metoclopramide and toxicity of diazinon in mice

M. H. I. Alzubaidy

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 23-37

  The aim of the study was to examine the interaction and toxicity between metoclopramide and organophosphorus insecticide diazinon in mice using the up and down method. The median lethal dose (LD50) of metoclopramide was 293 mg/kg s.c, and that of diazinon was 64.1 mg/kg p.o. The toxic interaction between ...  Read More

A study on the effects of diazinon and carbaryl on cholinesterase activity by an electrometric method in rabbits

M. B. Mahmood

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 29-35

  The aim of the study was to examine the effect of diazinon and carbaryl, and validate the efficiency of a modified electrometric method in measuring cholinesterase activity (ChE) in rabbits. Oral administration of female rabbits with diazinon at 35 mg/Kg, and with carbaryl at 500 mg/Kg, induced signs ...  Read More

Parasitological and histopathological studies of the natural infection with Leucocytozoon simondi in geese in ninevah governorate

M. H. Hasan; A. F. M. AL- Taee; A. A. Shamaun

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 37-44

  This study is the first report in Mosul for detection of Leucocytozoon simondi in geese. Blood smears from ninety-six geese were collected in Nineveh governorate during July 2005 till February 2006 for detection of L. simondi. Liver histopathological sections wase also performed. The results showed that ...  Read More

Detection of antibodies against avian influenza virus in chickens in ninevah province iraq

Attar; M. Y. AL

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 39-44

  The study included collection of 200 serum samples from Broilers which showed clinical signs of Respiratory and Digestive lnfections as well as noticable mortality. Samples were collected through two stages, first at acute infection and the second two weeks post infection from the same Broilers flocks. ...  Read More

Incidence of broiler caecal coccidiosis in ninevah governorate 1999-2004

A. F. M. AL-Taee

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 45-63

  A descriptive epidemiological survey was made in Nineveh governorate 1999-2004 for determination of broiler clinical caecal coccidiosis incidence in broiler chickens. Out of total 3594 broiler patches reared in this period, 1918 (53.36%) were positive to caecal coccidiosis. The highest percentages (35.34%) ...  Read More

Study of the pathological importance of Escherichia coli in respiratory infection of broiler chickens

M. Y. Al-Attar; S. A. Hussein

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 45-51

  This study showed airsacculitis when 12 days broilers inoculated in the left thoracic air sacs with 0.1 ml suspension of type-1 E.coli that contained (1 x 108) cfu/ml and noticed after72 hours. The first clinical signs occur after 3 hours of inoculation as acute respiratory signs including dyspnea and ...  Read More

Isolation of infectious bronchitis virus from broiler

M. Y. AL-Attar; F. F. AL-Haseerchy

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 53-61

  Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) was isolated from broilers chicks. The virus isolation done by samples inoculation in chicken egg embryos via allontoic cavity route which showed sensitivity for virus isolation resulting in stunting and rounding of inoculated embryos, as well as thickening of chorioallantoic ...  Read More

Diagnostic study to the presences of eimeria oocyst in the gall bladder fluid of the slaughtered goats in mosul abattoir

B. A. Muhemmd; E. G. Suliaman; M. S. Daoud

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 63-68

  Out of 138 gall bladder collected from slaughtered goats in Mosul abattoir, 19 (13.76%) were found to be infected with Eimeria alijevi. Averge oocysts measurements were 16.76 × 14.11 microns. There was an increased in the viscosity of the bile fluid and changes in its color from brown to dark green ...  Read More

Detection of aflatoxin in compound feeds of broiler flocks suffered from field aflatoxicosis

A. M. Shareef

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 65-74

  One hundred and fifty eight broiler compound feed samples were delivered from broiler flocks in Ninevah governorates. These flocks were clamed to be affected with field aflatoxicosis. All the examined samples had aflatoxin levels higher than of the permissible limit (20 ppb). The range of AF levels was ...  Read More

Pathological study of the effect of radiofrequency electromagnetic field with low power densities on male albino rats

A. A. Azooz; K. H. Al-Mallah; S. O. Youkhana

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 69-84

  This study designed to detect pathological effects of exposure to 2.45 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic field with low power densities on mature male albino rats. 36 rats at 3-4 months age were used in the study, randomly devided to 6 groups with 6 animals for each group. The groups from 1-5 were exposed ...  Read More

Ineffectiveness of different adsorbents in alleviation of oral lesions induced by feeding t-2 toxin in broiler chickens

A. M. Shareef

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 75-86

  One hundred and forty one-day-old-male broiler chicks (Ross), were divided into 7 groups (20 chicks/group) and fed T-2 toxin alone or with five different types of adsorbents; Montmorillonite 0.5%, Vermiculite 0.5%, Pigacine 0.5%, Gezilgure 0.5%; and the resin Perlite 0.5%. Gross and microscopic examinations ...  Read More

Evaluation of mycofix to ameliorate the toxic effect of t-2 toxin on performance of broiler chickens

A. M. Shareef; Z. A. Jameel

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 87-103

  The possible protective effect of Mycofix against the toxic effect of T-2 toxin in growing broiler chickens was investigated in two age stages; the first and second ages, ranged from 1-21 and 22-42 days, respectively. The experiment was consisted of 4 dietary treatments: treatment 1: control; treatment ...  Read More

Capability of hydrogen peroxide to induce oxidative stress and initiation of athromatus lesions and to study effect of some antioxidants represented by estradiol, vitamin e and fresh garlic in overictomized rats

A.Y. Al-Khafaf; E. R. Al-Kennany

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 93-110

  This study was conducted to determine the possibility of 0.5% if H2O2 on drinking water for the induction of oxidative stress status overictomized rats, moreover, this study deal with role of the stress in initiation & development atheromatus lesions. In these animal for improvement the oxidation ...  Read More

Comparative injectable anesthetic protocols in ducks

G. A-M. Faris; Z. T. Abd-Almaseeh; B. T. Abass

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 105-115

  This study was performed to compare the effect of five mixtures of anesthetic protocols in thirty adult domestic ducks of local breed. The birds were randomly divided into five groups; six ducks for each group. In group1; a combination of medetomidine and ketamine (M-K), (100 µg and 20 mg/kg) drugs ...  Read More

Anesthesia in xylazine premedicated donkeys with ketamine and ketamine-propofol mixture: A comparative study

A. KH. Al-Jobory; O. H. Al-Hyani; B.T. Abass

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 117-123

  This study was conducted to evaluate the anesthetic quality produced by ketamine hydrochloride (K) (3 mg/kg, I.V.) and ketamine–propofol (K-P) mixture (2 mg/kg-1 mg/kg, I.V., respectively) in six donkeys premedicated with xylazine (X), (1 mg/kg, I.V.). Each donkey was anesthetized one time with each ...  Read More

Repair of large hernia by polymer graft in goats

F. M. Mohammed; L. M. Alkattan; M. J. Eesa

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 125-131

  Sixth bucks of local breed were used in this study. The animals were anesthetized with mixture of ketamine and xylazine hydrochloride. Ventral abdominal hernias were induced on the lateral ventral abdomen. One month post operation, the induced hernia was repaired with polymer grafts, which fixed by simple ...  Read More

Immunological and experimental study for cryptosporidiosis

M. H. Hassan; M. N. Al-Shahery

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 129-140

  The present study included the use of IFAT to detect to Cryptosporidium Abs; the percentage of infection in calves with this parasite was 36.6%. Among these animals there were 31 positive cases (20.6%) , but we were unable to determine a significant diagnostic titer. The other part of our study showed ...  Read More

Comparative study between two methods of end-to-end oblique intestinal anastomosis in dogs

F.M. Mohammed

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 133-146

  The current study was conducted to compare between two methods of small intestinal anastomosis in dogs after obliquely resected and anastomosed by using simple interrupted and cross mattress sutures technique. The results revealed that the oblique technique of intestinal anastomosis was successful in ...  Read More

Some bacterial isolation from pin-tailed sand grouse (Pterocles alchata

G. N. Shamoon; N. R. Abdul Rahman; A. A. Shamaun

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 141-145

  Bacterial isolation was attempted from 20 pin-tailed sand grouse,of different ages, which were obtained from Al-Tamim Province in July 2005. The samples were taken from the liver, gall bladder, heart and intestine. The highest percentage of bacterial isolation consisted of Escherichia coli (61%) and ...  Read More

Evaluation of the percentage of live sperm in ram semen by using the mtt reduction assay

D. M. Aziz

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 147-154

  This study was conducted to evaluate the percentage of viable sperm in ram semen by using the MTT reduction assay. Twenty ejaculates from 5 rams were included in this study. Semen samples were diluted with skim milk-glucose diluent to obtain a concentration of 30x106 sperms/ml. The rates of MTT reduction ...  Read More

Estimation of fetal age in sheep by measurement of the embryonic vesicle diameter and umbilical cord diameter by using real-time ultrasonography

M.H. AL-Salman; H. M. AL-Rawi; S. N. Omran

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2007, Pages 159-167

  This experiment includes 72 local Awassi ewes aged between 2 to 5 years old. The aim of this study was to estimate the fetal age by the measurement of the embryonic vesicle and diameter of umbilical cord diameters during the different periods of gestation by using 5MHz real-time ultrasonography. Results ...  Read More