The affected calves showed clinical signs including presence of vesicles at the bucal cavity and hoof (90.7%), fever (36%), salivation (32.9%), depression (20.5%), Anorexia (19.6%), loss of body weight (7.94%), lamness (15.9%), lesions at the muzzle (15.3%), presence of the lesions at the feet (6.0%), prostration (4.7%), diarrhea (3.3%), presence of the lesion at the mouth cavity (3.0%), paralysis of hind quarters (2.2%) and sudden death (1.6%). There was significant increase in the rectal temperature, respiration rates, and heart rates in the infected animals compared with control group. Recovered animals appeared some diseases including theileriosis (40.4%), tympany (22.8%), pneumonia (19.9%), foot abscess (14.7%), and babesiosis (2.2 %). The mortality rate varied between 3.4% to 27.9% in different herds and the mean was 3.3 % in all herds. There was significant relationship between age of animals and the incidence of the disease.