This study was designed to investigate the effect of different ways of barley germination including natural, barley sprout powder and hydroponic planting in university of Sulaimani/ Faculty of Agricultural Sciences/ Fisheries lab. on some blood parameters of common carp Cyprinus carpio L. The study was conducted for 56 days and a total of 175 fingerlings common carp with mean initial weight was 34.71±4.59 gm. Seven experimental diets were fed with the control as 0% (T1), Hydroponic Planting 2.5 and 5 gm/ kg diet (T2 and T3), Barley sprout powder BSP (2.5 and 5 gm/kg) (T4 and T5), Natural planting (2.5 and 5 gm/kg) (T6 and T7). According to the results significant differences observed among the treatments when compare with the control in RBC counts, Hb and PCV. In general BSP (5gm/ kg diet) was higher numerically than other treatments, especially when compared with control and hydroponic planting in both levels. No significant differences noticed in both of WBC counts and the counts of each of Monocytes, numerically, Barley sprout powder in both levels were more effects on WBC counts while T2 Hydroponic Planting 2.5gm/ kg diet was higher numerically in monocytes, T6 natural planting in Eosinophils and Basophils without significance. The statistical analysis of the Lymphocyte data showed no significance in Heterophil all the treatments were significantly differ than T7 natural planting 5gm/ kg diet.


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