While screening of selected herds of cattle (each having minimum 15 animals), 28 animals were found positive for tropical
theileriosis (Theileria annulata) from a total of 260. The overall bi-monthly incidence rate was 10.8% from April-July, 2011 in
Faisalabad. 89.3% and 10.71% in females and males respectively. To check breed wise prevalence, 4 out of all 28 positive
animals were of Red Sindhi and Dhanni showing 14.2% prevalence, and rests of all were crossbred with 85.71% prevalence.
The bi-monthly incidence during April-May was 28.57% while in June-July this was 71.42%. The suspected cattle were
subjected to analysis by making thin blood and lymph smears. After confirmation, 28 animals were divided into two equal
groups. The animals of group A were treated with extracts of Peganum harmala harmala at the dose rate of 7 mg/kg b.w
intramuscularly while those of group B were treated with buparvaqoune at-the dose rate of 2.5mg/kg b.w intramuscularly
(According to manufactured Comp.). Twelve animals were recovered after treatment with P. harmala (85.71%) and 2 could
not be cured and died (14.28%) while in case of animals treated with buparvaquone, 13 cattle recovered (92.85%) and one
animal died (7.14%). The obtained data were then subjected to Chi-Square Test for analysis of variance.