Keywords : Protected methionine

Effect of supplementation of rumen protected methionine and lysine on some physiological aspects of fattening calves

Hiyam N. Maty

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, In Press
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2020.126580.1344

This study was carried out during the period from February-April 2019 at a private breeding field. A total of 82 imported calves for fattening 9-12 month of age. These calves were divided randomly into 3 groups and treated for 90 days as follows: G1 (27 calves) supplied with basal diet only and considered as the control group, Calves of G2 (27 calves) of were supplied with basal diet complemented with RPM in complete feed using 15 g/animal/day, while G3 (28 calves) was supplied with basal diet complemented with RPL with 10g/animal/day. The results showed a significant increase in growth hormone value in the G2 in comparison with G1 and G3 at 90-day post-treatment. While the mean values of body weight were (310.8±12.97) and (334.3±15.41) in G2 at 60 and 90 days respectively with significance deference in compare with G1and G3 (p≤ 0.05). The significant increase in red blood cells count (RBCs) showed in G2, while the White Blood Cells (WBCs) increased in G1 when compare between groups. In addition, the results showed a significant increase (p< 0.05) in cholesterol and triglycerides values in G2 in compare with G1 and G3. While no significant changes in total protein values revealed between groups. The results of this study confirmed that supplementation of RPM has the potential to improve body weight in fattening calves with the enhancement of the immune status of animals and enhancement of oxygen flow to the tissues by increasing of RBCs counts especially with RPM, but lasser effects with RPL.