Author : Al-Hankawe, O.KH.

Comparison between ELISA and other serological tests for diagnosis of brucellosis in sheep in Ninevah Province

O.KH. Al-Hankawe; M.S. Rhaymah

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2012, Volume 26, Issue Suppl. II, Pages 97-103
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2020.166880

The study was conducted to compare between the ELISA test and other serological tests (Rose bengal, modified rose bengal, tube agglutination and 2-mercapto-ethanol tests), for diagnosis of Brucellosis in sheep, and to identify the prevalence of the disease. The study included 5723 heads representing 48 flocks, 364 sera were collected from adults of both sexes from different seven geographical areas in NinevahProvince. The total prevalence of abortion was (%2.4) this value varied according to different areas. The highest in Telkef and Mosul center was (3.5%) and the lowest in Bahsheka and Shamseat was (1.9%). using the Rose-bengal test as a screening test to identify the prevalence of the disease, the total prevalence was (%11.8) and this value varied according to the areas, the highest prevalence was in Al-Shekan (22.7%), then Telkef (18.5%), while the lowest was in Mosul city center (6%). The study revealed that the prevalence of the disease varied according to the type of the serological tests were used. ELISA recorded the highest (15.9%) then the modified Rose-bengal test (13.4%), Rose-bengal test (11.8%), tube agglutination test (6.9%) and 2-Mercapto-ethanol test recorded (8.2%). When comparing the positive results of ELISA and other serological tests (Rose-Bengal, Modified rose-bengal, Tube agglutination, 2-mercapto-ethanol tests) the degree of agreement was (74.1%), (84.5%), (43.1%) and (51.7%) respectively. The results reveals significant (P<0.05) difference between ELISA and other serological tests.