Author : Barwarei, Baidaa

Histopathological and Some Biochemical Effects of Platinum Drug on the Liver and Kidney of Pregnant Mice Mus musculus and their Embryos

Baidaa A. barwarei; Hanan S. Sadoon

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, In Press
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2020.126793.1382

The current study was done to investigate the effect of two doses 3, 6 mg/kg b.w. of Platinum drug on the structure of the liver and kidneys of pregnant mice and their embryos and weight changes including ; mothers body weight, embryos,maternal liver and kidneys, as well as some serum biochemical parameters were established. Thirty pregnant mice were used and they were divided into three groups (10 mice/group),as the following ; group I (control group); animals were injected intraperitonialy (IP) with distilled water on the days 7th,12th,and 17th of gestation,whilst groups II,III were injected intraperitonialy (IP) with the selected doses above of platinum on the days 7th, 12th, 17th of gestation,respectively. Microscopically; maternal and fetal' liver sections of group II revealed; vaculation, swelling, apoptosis and infiltration of inflammatory cells, congestion, degeneration and involvement of extra medullary hematopoietic cells, respectively. Pervious lesions were increased in both maternal and fetal’ liver of group III. Maternal and fetal kidney sections of group II revealed ; degeneration, expansion of Bowman's space, inflammatory cells infiltration into interstitial tissue, and blood capillary congestion The previous lesions showed more severity in group III.

Histopathological effect of fluoxetine drug on the brain of pregnant mice and their embryos

Baidaa Barwarei

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2020, Volume 34, Issue 1, Pages 71-76
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2019.125467.1006

The present study was designed to identify the histopathological effect of fluoxetine (fluoxetine hydrochloride) on the pregnant mice brain and their fetuses as well as recording weight changes at doses of 60 and 80 mg/kg of body weight which were administrated to the pregnant mice from the 7th up to the 18th day of pregnancy and once a day. The results showed histopathological lesions in the adult pregnant mice brain at the dose of 60 mg/kg. induced massive necrotic area of neurons in the cerebral cortex, necrosis of the molecular layer cells while the dose of 80 mg/kg the changes include vasogenic edema in the sub cortical area, severe degeneration and necrosis of the cortex. The lesions in cerebellum were more severe than recorded in the cerebrum. The results also showed the presence of many lesions in the fetus brain at the dose 60 mg/kg and they were degeneration, necrosis of many neurons in the cerebrum while at the dose of 80 mg/kg. There were increase of degeneration and necrosis in the cortical area of fetus brain. In conclusion, the use of fluoxetine in pregnant mice caused decrease in body weight and Histopathological changes in the brain of both of the mothers and their embryos, thus the use of antidepressant by pregnant woman can be harmful for the mothers and the fetus.