Author : M. Shareef, A.

Evaluation of mycofix to ameliorate the toxic effect of t-2 toxin on performance of broiler chickens

A. M. Shareef; Z. A. Jameel

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2007, Volume 21, Issue 1, Pages 87-103
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2007.5616

The possible protective effect of Mycofix against the toxic effect of T-2 toxin in growing broiler chickens was investigated in two age stages; the first and second ages, ranged from 1-21 and 22-42 days, respectively. The experiment was consisted of 4 dietary treatments: treatment 1: control; treatment 2: 2.5g Mycofix/kg feed; treatment 3: 8 ppm T-2 toxin alone; treatment 4: 8 ppm T-2 toxin plus Mycofix 2.5g Mycofix /kg feed. T-2 toxin alone significantly (p<0.05) decreased body weight gain, feed consumption and increased feed: gain ratio. Broiler chick performance was more sensitive to T-2 toxin during the first three weeks of age (initial stage of the experiment) than the other 3 weeks of age. When 2.5g Mycofix /kg were added to the diet, it protects broiler chicks against the adverse effect of T-2 toxin on BW gain, feed consumption, and feed: gain ratio. The oral lesion induced by T-2 toxin alone in the first three weeks and the more severe lesions in the following 4-6 weeks were counteracted by Mycofix at both stages of experiment. A significant ((p<0.05) increase in the relative weight of gizzard, pancreas in the initial experimental stage was noticed while a significant increase was reported in the relative weights of bursa, thymus, and spleen in the final stage of the experiment. Mycofix was found to be effective in ameliorating the negative effect of T-2 toxin on these organs. The results of the present trail indicate that Mycofix is capable of counteracting the adverse effects of T-2 toxin on performance, oral lesions, and relative weight of internal organs based on the enzymatic inactivation of the 12, 13-epoxide ring of T-2 toxin.