Author : H. Hassan, M.

Immunological and experimental study for cryptosporidiosis

M. H. Hassan; M. N. Al-Shahery

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2007, Volume 21, Issue 1, Pages 129-140
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2007.5628

The present study included the use of IFAT to detect to Cryptosporidium Abs; the percentage of infection in calves with this parasite was 36.6%. Among these animals there were 31 positive cases (20.6%) , but we were unable to determine a significant diagnostic titer. The other part of our study showed that both immunodeficiency and malnutrition having an enhancing effect on Cryptosporidial infection in mice; since the prepatent, patent periods were longer, releasing of oocysts was higher and the Abs level were lower than normal.