Author : K. I. Al-Taee, S.

Effect of vitamin E on cadmium toxicity in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L

A. H. A. Al-Hamdani; S. K. I. Al-Taee

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2008, Volume 22, Issue 2, Pages 119-126
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2008.5711

The sublethal median concentration of cadmium chloride was used at concentration 1mg/L for 7 days ,with 0.2mg/1g body weight of vitamin E for 3 days which was used as an antioxidant there was no improvement in hematological parameters, but there was significant reduction in the serum alanine aminotransferase and creatine phosphokinase activity. Treatment with vitamin E and cadmium chloride could not repair the tissues damage result from cadmium which included grossly congestion of gills , hitopathological lesions revealed hyperplasia of epithelial cells with hyperatrophy of piler cells and inflammatory cells infiltration which lead to adhesion of the secondary lamellae of gills, In liver and kidney which appeared congested with presence of pale areas, histopathological lesions include infiltration of inflammatory cells specially melanomacrophage and mononuclear cells in hepatic tissue with thickening of the bile duct wall, haemmorrhage and necrosis in hepatic tissue, while in kidney there was congestion of blood vessels, deposition of hyaline casts in the renal tubule.