Author : A. Philip, K.

Changes in the ruminal contents of buffaloes suffering from digestive disorders

B. A. Al-Badrani; K. A. Philip

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2008, Volume 22, Issue 2, Pages 151-163
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2008.5717

The objective of the study was to determine the digestive disorders in 45 of local breed buffaloes and their prevalence in Mosul city. Traumatic reticuloperitonitis was 33.3 %, then frothy bloat (15.6 %), simple indigestion was 13.3 % and left side abomasal displacement (11.1 %), where as the occurrence of ruminal acidosis was lesser than other digestive disorders and was about 6.7 %. Also the secondary causes of digestive disorders was (20 %) which included some infectious diseases, administration of some antibiotics like oxytetracycline 20 mg/Kg body weight or sulphonamide or Diacleane for 3 successive days to each drug. The results also showed significant changes in ruminal pH, sedimentation activity test and the time needed for methylin blue stain reduction from normal values.Also the ruminal protozoal activity showed significant differences between samples in different cases, and species of bacteria from morphology and stain characteristics with Gram's stain. The total and differential counts of ruminal protozoa was decreased significantly (P<0.05) in all cases. Ruminal protozoa were classified into 14 types firstly in buffaloes in this study.