Author : A. Rahawy, M.

Evaluation of foaling heat in Arabian mares in Ninevah province

M. A. Rahawy

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2012, Volume 26, Issue 1, Pages 29-32
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2012.46805

The present study was conducted to study the relationship between breeding season of Arabian mares at first estrous after foaling and pregnancy rate. Thirty six mares were divided in to two groups according to foaling heat in breeding season, transitional periods. Animals included in this study were maintained with the same management and conditions in the special breeding stables. This study was performed in a farm located in Nineveh province during the period from June 2008 to June 2010. The mares were observed for the first estrous after foaling and the duration between foaling and first estrous after foaling (foaling heat) in breeding season or transitional period and the estrous signs were recorded by exposing the mares to a teasers stallion. The results of this study showed that the foaling heat in the first group was 8-9 days in 26 mares in breeding season observe first estrous while the pregnancy rate in 8 mares was 30.76%. However, results the second group of the first estrous sign after foaling was 8-10 days in the 10 mares observe the first estrous in, transitional period without pregnancy. It could be concluded that the detected foaling heat duration 8-10 days after normal foaling in breeding season and natural mating in spite of decreased pregnancy rate at foaling heat.