Author : Jwher, D.M.T.

Prevalence and distribution of canine visceral leishmaniasis antibodies in dogs in Mosul City

D.M.T. Jwher

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2012, Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages 63-67
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2012.67443

The purpose of the current study to investigate of visceral leishmaniasis antibodies in blood of dogs. One hundred and fifty six samples of blood of stray and domestic dog blood samples of different ages and sexes and from various regions of Mosul city were collected. The study began from July to August 2010. The area of the study (Mosul city) was divided geographically in to two main areas i.e. right and left coasts of Mosul city. Also, another subdivision was followed in which each major areas was divided into six administrative parts, having other residential quarters. A qualitative membrane based immunoassay (rK-39) was followed for detection of antibodies of visceral leishmaniasis. However additional conformation of the parasite was done by blood smears and impressions smears obtained from the liver and spleen of the sacrificed dogs. The finding showed that visceral leishmaniasis antibodies were recovered in the dogs of southern and south eastern parts of Mosul city representing a total infection rate of (14.1%). However, infection rate was higher in the dogs of left coast (16.66%) than that in the right coast of Mosul city (11.11%). It can be concluded that high prevalence rate was found in the southern and south eastern parts of Mosul city.