Author : El-Bukhary, H.A.A.

Characteristics of beef from intensively fed western Baggara bulls and heifers: quality attributes and chemical composition

I.M.A. Sharaf Eldin; S.A. Babiker; O.A. Elkhidir; H.A.A. El-Bukhary

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2013, Volume 27, Issue 1, Pages 45-48
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2013.82951

Fourteen samples of L. dorsi muscles were taken from western Baggara cattle, one sample from each of seven bulls and seven heifers randomly selected for slaughter at the end of an experimental feedlot feeding which lasted for 16 weeks at Kuku Research Station, Khartoum North, Sudan, to study sex effects on meat chemical composition and quality attributes. Moisture content of beef was higher in bulls meat than in heifers meat. Protein and ash content were significantly (P<0.001) higher in bulls meat, whereas fat content was significantly (P<0.001) higher in heifers meat than in bulls meat. Cooking loss of bulls meat was significantly (P<0.001) lower and water-holding capacity was also significantly (P<0.01) lower in the bulls meat than in heifers meat. Bull’s meat colour had low lightness (L) and high redness (a) and yellowness (b), as determined by Hunter Lab. Tristimulus colorimeter, as compared with heifers meat. Sensory panelist scores were higher for colour darkness and flavour intensity and lower for tenderness, juiciness and overall acceptability of bulls meat as compared with heifers meat.