Author : Al-Attar, M.Y.

Effect of Mycofix on immune response of Newcastle vaccine in broiler chickens

R.A. Al-Jubori; M.Y. Al-Attar

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2013, Volume 27, Issue 1, Pages 1-7
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2013.82851

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of Mycofix in elevating the immune level also to know the mycofix effect on maternal immunity and to know the effect of giving booster dose of Newcastle disease vaccine in 14 days old on Newcastle disease vaccine, also to know the mycofix effect on body weight, two hundred one day old Ross broiler chicks 308 have been used divided into four groups. The 1st and 3rd groups did not vaccinated to evaluate the maternal immunity. While the 2nd and 4th groups vaccinated with ND vaccine at one day of age, ELISA and HI tests are used to for detecting the antibodies in all groups. Results of the our study showed that Mycofix acted to prolong the period of maternal immunity against ND vaccine in 3rd group comparison with 1st group which not treated with Mycofix, and also the results showed that ELISA test was more accurate than HI test, Where as 2nd and 4th groups showed positive response in both groups but it was significantly higher in 4th group that treated with mycofix comparison with 2nd group, Where as giving booster dose acted to elevate the level of antibody against ND in both groups but the level of antibody was significantly higher in 4th group comparison with other groups along all days of study as a result of adding mycofix in addition to vaccination with booster dose, Results also showed positive response of mycofix which appeared as significantly elevation in live weight average in the groups that treated with mycofix comparison with (control groups) that did not treated with mycofix.