Author : Al-Khalefa, E.Kh.H.

Anatomical, histological and histochemical study of the eye of snake Hemorrhois ravergieri

E.Kh.H. Al-Khalefa

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2014, Volume 28, Issue 1, Pages 25-36
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2014.89338

The aim of present study was to determine the anatomical and histological structure as well as some histochemical aspects of the eye in Hemorrhois ravergieri snake by using the light microscope. The results show that the eye was spherical and located at head sides. Histologically, the sclera composed from collagen fibers located between it fibroblasts and pigment cells. The cornea divided in to peripheral cornea and central cornea, from the special results that appeared in the central cornea was the appearance of the tertiary spectacles on its external surface. The lens was spherical, translucent and didn't contain a pigment cells in its surrounding. The Uvea composed from Choroid, Ciliary body and Iris. The Choroid composed of connective tissue contained collagen fibers, blood vessels and pigment cells. Ciliary body appeared concave in its middle and give a few folds. While, the Iris connected to Ciliary body and it straight toward the lens and it convex toward the cornea. The retina appeared duplex and it composed from eight layers and two membranes. The photoreceptors layer contained one type of rods and two types of cones that were the single and double cones. From the distinct results that appeared in the retina of this snake that the appearance of blood vessels which supplied the retina, this mean the retina in this snake was vascular, and the vitreal vessels that lined also appeared. Also, from the distinct and strange results that appeared in the retina of this snake was appearance of strange vascular structure which may be a Supplemental nutritive device.