Author : Al-Dabbagh, S.F.

A comparison of some physical traits of Iraqi sheep wool

S.F. Al-Dabbagh; H.R. Sabbagh

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2014, Volume 28, Issue 1, Pages 15-18
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2014.89336

This study included analyzing data recorded of wool produced bales from Awassi, Karadi and Arabi sheep distributed in Mosul region, north and south of Iraq respectively for two years 2011 and 2012. Randomized samples were taken from these bales for dipped wool before shearing and raw wool (not dipped) to study percentage of clean wool (CW), vegetable matter (VM) and fiber diameter (FD). The results revealed a highly significant effects (P≤ 0.01) for the breeds and status of wool on these three traits, a significant effect (P≤ 0.05) for productive year only on (FD), and a highly significant effects (P≤ 0.01) for wool status on both (CW) and (VM). No significant effects were noticed for the interactions between the three studied factors on the traits except for the interaction of productive year × wool status which affected significantly (P≤ 0.05) on (CW) and (FD).