Author : Fattal, K.

Genetic evaluation for milk production, the weights of kids at birth and weaning for dairy Damascus goats

K. Fattal; Kh. Elnajjar; M. Roukbi

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2014, Volume 28, Issue 1, Pages 37-42
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2014.89339

The Objective of this research, study the performance on Shami goats of the studied traits.which include milk production kg, and litter size weight at birth and weaning kg were 270.24±67.24, 8.42±0.53 and 23.98±2.94, respectively. The value of the litter size number at birth and weaning, age and weight at first insemination, the values were 2.98 ± 0.04 and 2.20 ± 0.19, and 46.73±0.57/kg and 19.24±0.26/ month, respectively. Determine the effect of some genetic factors and non genetic (year of birth, parity, kids sex, age and weight at insemination) of the studied traits. And estimate some genetic parameters (heritability and genetic correlation) of the studied traits Statistical analysis was made of the studied traits 10knowledge of the genetic and environmental in fluencies in it. Duncan has been used to separate the means of the factors affecting the studied traits. And also use the animal model to estimate the genetic parameters. Estimates of heritability for milk production traits and litter size weight at birth and weaning were 0.14, 0.08, 0.20, respectively. Reached values of genetic correlations between the production of milk and both of the litter size weight at birth and weaning -0.17 and -0.01, respectively. While the genetic correlation between the litter size weight at birth and at weaning was 0.09.