Author : Shams Al-dain, Q.Z.

Effect of added sodium bicarbonate to local Friesian cows rations on productive and economic efficiency of milk

Q.Z. Shams Al-dain; E.A. Jarjeis; H.A. Sulman; Y.I. Hamad

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2014, Volume 28, Issue 2, Pages 107-113
DOI: 10.33899/ijvs.2014.116912

Three non pregnant local Friesian dairy cows were used in this study at cow farm of Technical Agricultural College, cows
were at same live weights, third production season and during first month of calving, they were divided into three groups.
Second and third group were reared on standard ration supplemented with 100 or 200 g. of sodium bicarbonate /cow /day,
respectively, while the first group reared on standard ration only. Cows were fed individually on basal ration according to
developing of body weight and milk production during three periods (28 days/period). The experiment was a 3x3 Latin square
design. Milk samples were collected and examined to measure some of milk components after measured milk yield. The
results indicated that feed intake, normal and adjusted milk yield, fat%, value of ration /kg for normal milk and milk adjusted
were increased significantly (P≤0.05) in 3rd group as compared to those in the 1st group. It is concluded that using 200 g of
sodium bicarbonate per cow per day had improved milk production and fat percentage of milk and reduced milk cost.