Acute toxicity of Nerium oleander aqueous leaf extract in rabbits
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Evaluation the effect of albendazole against nematodes in sheep in Mosul, Iraq
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Effect of some plant extracts on the Culex pipiens molestus Forskal larvae
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Comparison of laparoscopic and conventional surgery of intestinal anastomosis in dogs
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Evaluation of cell-mediated immune response in chickens vaccinated with Newcastle disease virus
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A preliminary study on the effect of employing bile liquid in a starter diet on performance of young heavy breed chicks
T. H. Hussein, S. H. Tohala and T. A. Ez Aldeen
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Mycofix ameliorative effect on Newcastle disease antibody production in broiler chickens during aflatoxicosis
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Isolation and identification of bacterial causes of clinical mastitis in cattle in Sulaimania region
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Clinical and microbiological study of otitis externa in sheep
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Correlation between broiler aflatoxicosis and European production efficiency factor
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Retention of fetal membranes in an Arabian mare: a case report
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