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Short–term effect of chlorpromazine and diazepam on blood plasma acetylcholinesterase activity in chicks
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Immune response in Rattus rattus norvegicus rats against infection with giardiasis by the lipopolysaccharide extracted from Escherichia coli II. Blood picture
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Incidence of broiler caecal coccidiosis in ninevah governorate 1999-2004
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Detection of aflatoxin in compound feeds of broiler flocks suffered from field aflatoxicosis
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Ineffectiveness of different adsorbents in alleviation of oral lesions induced by feeding t-2 toxin in broiler chickens
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Evaluation of mycofix to ameliorate the toxic effect of t-2 toxin on performance of broiler chickens
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Comparative injectable anesthetic protocols in ducks
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Comparative study between two methods of end-to-end oblique intestinal anastomosis in dogs
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Evaluation of the percentage of live sperm in ram semen by using the MTT reduction assay
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