Effect of feeding frequency on common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) growth rate
S.A. Hama Amin, N.M. Abdulrahman, V.M. Ahmed, P.B. Ibrahim, R.R. Ismail, M.B. Ahmed and N.M. HamaGareeb
(Research article) (Pages 1-4) Download

Use molecular techniques as an alternative tool for diagnosis and characterization of Theileria equi
M.A. El-Seify, N.M. Helmy, N.M. Elhawary, Sh.S. Sorour and A.M. Soliman
(Research article) (pages 5-11) Download

Histopathological changes in diseased and treated catfish (Clarias gariepinus) by ciprofloxacin and clove oil
S.S. Abd El-Salam, M.F. Ghaly, D.M. Baraka, S.H. Mahmoud and A.A. El-Makhzangy
(Research article) (Pages 13-19) Download

Rearing and measurements of Oestrus ovis larvae and pupae (Diptera: Oestridae) from slaughtered sheep heads in Mosul abattoir - Iraq
N.H. Al-ubeidi, E.R. Al-kennany and A.B.J. Alani
(Research article) (Pages 21-25) Download

Impacts of processing heat treatments on deltamethrin and bifenthrin residues in human breast milk and raw milk from different animals
S.A. Abd Al-Zahra and A.J. Ahmed
(Research article) (Pages 27-31) Download

Antimicrobial and antifungal activity of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) leaves extracted by four organic solvents and water
H. Mohammed, R.S. Najem and S.S.A. Altekrity
(Research article) (Pages 33-39) Download

Effect of different levels of selenium on the carcass characteristics of Karadi lambs
A.B. Mahmood, M.K. Arif, S.M. Sadq, A.A. Alhoby and S.A. Abdurahman
(Research article) (Pages 41-48) Download

Immunohistochemical expression levels of anterior pituitary LH, FSH and testicular testosterone of Allium sativum extract and thymoquinone in male treated rats
N.F. Hassan
(Research article) (Pages 49-55) Download

Effect of oil palm frond treated with ammonia on some carcass traits and meat chemical composition of Bali bulls - Indonesia
R.A. Muthalib and M. Afdal
(Research article) (Pages 57-60) Download

Study of the prophylactic activity of Terminalia chebula against induced gastric erosion in rabbit model
Z.A.H. Alebady
(Research article) (Pages 61-66) Download

Vulvar and vaginal tumors in Hawshar dogs
B.T. Abbas, S.M.A. Hassan, A.K. Saeed and D.M. Amin
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Potency Syzygium cumini L as adjuvant therapy on mice model malaria
L. Maslachah and R. Sugihartuti
(Research article) (Pages 73-80) Download

Isolation, identification and detection of some virulence factors in yeasts from local cheese in Mosul city
I.I. Khalil, S.Y.A. Aldabbagh and A.M. Shareef
(Research article) (Pages 81-85) Download

Detection of Escherichia Coli hlyA gene and Staphylococcus aureus Sea gene in raw milk of buffaloes using RT-PCR technique in AL- Qadisiyah province
J.N. Sadeq, Kh.H. Fahed and H.J. Hassan
(Research article) (Pages 87-91) Download

Gastrointestinal helminth parasites of dogs in rural areas of the north east of Algeria
F. Matallah, W. Khelaifia, S. Lamari and S. Matallah
(Research article) (Pages 93-98) Download

Effect of some mycotoxin on growth performance and feed utilization of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
F. I. Magouz, M.S. Salem and M.A. Hashad
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Mastitis in mare: case report
M.SH. Rhaymah, Q.T. Al-Obaidi, M.A. Hamad and M.A. Altalby
(Case Report) (Pages 109-11) Download

Polymorphism of growth hormone gene in the artificial insemination result of Madura cattle with Limousin semen as a reference for genetic selection
B. Utomo and E. Safitri
(Research article) (Pages 113-118) Download