Pathological study of subchronic oral toxicity induced by Di (2- ethyl hexyl) phthalate in Japanese quails
S.S. Al-Mahmood and S.M. Al-Abady
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Prevalence of Anaplasma ovis infection in Angora goats of Duhok province, Kurdistan region-Iraq
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Mini Review: Current tick control strategies in Pakistan are possible environmental risks
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Serosurvey of Q fever in active reproductive rams in northern Palestine
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Investigating and identifying Chlamydia psittaci in asymptomatic and symptomatic domestic dogs in middle province of Iran
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Effect of endurance exercise on sweat constituents of athletic Iraqi Arabian horses
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Prevalence and molecular studies on Echinococcus equinus isolated from necropsied donkeys
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Potency of garlic juice supplementation on some physiological and immunological aspects of broilers exposed to heat stress
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Case Report: Prevalence and significance of aspergellosis in commercial broiler chicken: Pathological study
S. H. Eassa, M. H. Mohammed and A. M. Omer
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Femur fractures and treatment options in 20 dogs admitted to our clinic from January 2013 to December 2015
M. Abd El Raouf, N. H. M. Mekkawy and A. M. AbdEl-Aal
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Reproductive hormones profile of Iraqi Awassi ewes immunized against synthetic inhibin-α subunit or steroid-free bovine follicular fluid
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