Determination of Toxoplasma gondii lineages of sheep in Wasit, Iraq
N. N. Aaiz
(Research article) (Pages 23-26) Download

Phylogenetic study of Theileria lestoquardi based on 18SrRNA gene Isolated from sheep in the middle region of Iraq
M. J. A. Alkhaled, N.N. Aaiz and H. H. Naser
(Research article) (Pages 27-32) Download

Genotyping of cystic echinococcosis isolates from clinical samples of human and domestic animals
S. A. Fadhil and N. N. Aaiz
(Research article) (Pages 33-39) Download

Influence of TG5 and LEP gene polymorphism on quantitative and qualitative meat composition in beef calves
T. A. Sedykh, L. A. Kalashnikova, I. V. Gusev, I. Yu. Pavlova, R. S. Gizatullin and I. Yu. Dolmatova
(Research article) (Pages 41-48) Download

Pathological study of intrauterine infection to embryos by Encephalitozoon cuniculi spores in pregnant mice
S. S. Al-Mahmood and H. I. Al-Sadi
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