Effect of copper sulfate on liver damage induced by nano-zinc oxide in Cyprinus carpio
S.K.I. AL-Taee and A.H.A. AL-Hamdani
(Research article) (Pages 61-65) Download

Effect of replacing fishmeal with Spirulina spp. on carcass chemical composition of common carp Cyprinus carpio L.
N.M. Abdulrahman
(Research article) (Pages 67-70) Download

Effect of β-calcium sulphate hemihydrate on mandible healing in dog (radiographical assessment using Image-J Program)
M.S. Suleiman and M.K. Hasouni
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Effect of antioxidant enhancement on productive performance and some physiological characters of broiler breeders reared under hot climate
D.Th. Younis
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Clinical, epidemiological and in vivo therapeutic studies on bovine tropical theileriosis in Faisalabad, Pakistan
M.I. Saleem, A. Tariq, A. Shazad and S.A. Mahfooz
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Double spleen in Baladi goat in Beni-Suef governorate –Egypt: case report
R.A. Mohamed
(Case Report) (Pages 105-107) Download

Metallic foreign body in the liver of cow: a case report
H.Kh. Ismail and O.A. Abdullah
(Case Report) (Pages 109-111) Download