The study of using effective microorganisms (EM) on health and performance of broiler chicks
Dh.M.T. Jwher, S.K. Abd and A.G. Mohammad
(Research article) (Pages 73-78) Download

Serological diagnosis of FMD in sheep in Basra by ELISA test
W.M. Muhammed Saleh, S.A. Hasso and F.A. Abdulla
(Research article) (Pages 79-84) Download

Microscopic study of the submandibular salivary gland of adult African giant pouched rat (Cricetomys gambianus, Waterhouse -1840)
E. Ikpegbu, U.C. Nlebedum, O. Nnadozie and I.O. Agbakwuru
(Research article) (Pages 85-89) Download

Comparison of two jejunal anastomosis techniques in dogs treated preoperatively with dexamethasone
A.S. Al-Qadhi and A.M. Al-Hasan
(Research article) (Pages 91-96) Download

Molecular detection of infectious bronchitis virus and it is relation with avian influenza virus (H9) and Mycoplasma gallisepticum from different geographical regions in Iraq
A.H. Al-Dabhawe, H.M. Kadhim and H.M. Samaka
(Research article) (Pages 97-101) Download

High performance liquid chromatographic determination of diclofenac sodium in plasma of the rat
Z.S. Hamad and B.M. Yahya
(Research article) (Pages 103-107) Download

A survey of some ovarian abnormalities responsible for sterility in Damascus goats
M. Roukbi
(Research article) (Pages 109-114) Download

Gingival squamous cell carcinoma in an ewe: a case report
E.R. Al-Kennany and M.A. Qathee
(Case Report) (Pages 115-118) Download

Vaginal fibrosarcoma in bitch: a case report
E.R. Al-Kenanny, O.H. Al-Hyani and M.Th. Al-Annaz
(Case Report) (Pages 119-121) Download