Serum glucose concentration and lipid profile in racing horses
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Effect of aflatoxin on malondialdehyde, glutathione levels, and stress index in Toxoplasma gondii infected mice
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Relationship between mycotoxicosis and calcium during preproduction period in layers
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Antioxidant status in pregnant ewes vaccinated with Rev 1 against brucellosis
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Incidence of hydatidosis in slaughtered livestock at Mosul, Iraq
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Uterine rupture with alive twins in a Holstein Frisian cow: a case report
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Isolation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria from suspected enterotoxaemia cases in lambs
N. S. Mechael
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Trypanocidal efficacy of diminazene in diabetic rats
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Use of Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for detection of aflatoxin M1 in milk powder
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Detection of streptomycin residues in local meat of bovine and ovine
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Occurrence of Listeria monocytogens in raw milk of ruminants in Basrah province
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