Synthesis of new 1,2 dithiol 3-thione fluoroquinolone esters possessing anticancer activity in-vitro
B.B. Saeed, M.A. Al-Iraqi and F.T. Abachi
(Research article) (Pages 115-121) Download

Vaginal bacteria flora concurred with vaginal sponges in black Iraqi goats
A.F. Majeed, H.M. Al-Rawi, S.M.A. Al-Kubaisi and T.M.N. Al-Jumaily
(Research article) (Pages 123-124) Download

Prevalence and pathological study of schistosomiasis in sheep in Akra / Dohuk province, northern Iraq
I.K. Zangana and K.J. Aziz
(Research article) (Pages 125-130) Download

A comparative study of laparoscopic partial hepatectomy by clamp-crush and ultrasurgical techniques in rams
A.A. Ajeel, M.J. Eesa, R.N. Al-Asadi and M.A. Alkhilan
(Research article) (Pages 131-139) Download

Immunomodulatory effect of Nigella sativa seed extract in male rabbits treated with dexamethasone
J.A.A. Al-Saaidi, Kh.A. Dawood and A.D. Latif
(Research article) (Pages 141-149) Download