Effect of different suture materials on healing of blood vessels in dogs
O.H. Al-Hyani, A.Kh. Al-Jobory and A.M. Al-Hasan
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Prevalence of helminthes, pneumonia and hepatitis in Kirkuk slaughter house, Kirkuk, Iraq
M.A. Kadir, N.H. Ali and R.G.M. Ridha
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Formulation of oxytetracycline 20% injectable solution for veterinary use
D.A. Abbas, A.M. Saed and F. Majed
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A study on epidemiology of hard tick (Ixodidae) in sheep in Sulaimani governorate - Iraq
M.A. Kadir, I.K. Zangana and B.H.S. Mustafa
(Research article) (Pages 95-103) Download

Seroprevalence of piroplasmosis with tick distribution in northern Iraq
L.T. Omer, M.A. Kadir and J.S. Ahmed
(Research article) (Pages 105-108) Download

Seroprevalence of Babesia bigemina and Anaplasma marginale in domestic animals in Erbil, Iraq
K.A.H. Ameen, B.A. Abdullah and R.A. Abdul-Razaq
(Research article) (Pages 109-114) Download