Biochemical changes induced by general anesthesia with romifidine as a premedication, midazolam and ketamine induction and maintenance by infusion in donkeys
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Detection of microfilaria infection in horses in Mosul city
E. G. Suleiman, S. S. Aghwan and O. M. Al- Iraqi
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Effect of Synertox® on broiler health and performance during aflatoxicosis
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Effect of hyperimmunized egg yolk on maternal immunity of Newcastle disease vaccine in broiler chicks
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Detection of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in horses in Mosul, Iraq
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Surgical correction of congenital anomalies in a neonatal lamb: a case report
Z.T. Abd-Almaseeh, A.H. Allawi and F.M. Mohammed
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Detection of organ bacterial load in quails
M.A. Hamad, A.M. Al-Aalim, S.Y.A. Al-Dabbagh and H.H. Ali
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Thin layer chromatographic investigation of some veterinary drugs
Z.S. Hamad and B.M. Yahya
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Diagnosis of some blood parasites in cattle and sheep in Mosul, Iraq
M.H. Hasan
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Evaluation of bacterial load of frozen chicken thighs in Mosul markets
A.M. Shareef, R.A. Farag and E.K. Al-Ruthwani
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Effects of coriander, thyme, vanadyl and tungstate on some biochemical parameters in broiler chickens
F.Kh. Tawfeek and N.G. Mustafa
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