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Immune response in day old broiler chicks vaccinated against Newcastle disease virus
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Morphogenesis of the secondary palate in camel (Camelus dromedarius)
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Effect of royal jelly on sexual efficiency in adult male rats
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Comparison of different regimens of nerulepanesthesia in rabbits
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Comparison between the efficacy of ivermectin and other drugs in treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis
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Effect volatile fatty acids concentrations in the development of the caprine ruminal microflora
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DNA polymorphism investigation among local Brucella isolates
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Methotrexate-induced histopathological changes in the kidneys of mice
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Combination of most-probable-number method with light cycler real-time PCR assay (MPN-real-time PCR) for rapid quantification of Salmonella in artificially and naturally contaminated bovine fecal samples at slaughter house
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Antinociceptive effect of watery suspension of Nigella sativa Linn. seeds in mice
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Treatment of some infertility problems in cows using Dalmarelin and Dalmazin
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Site-directed fragment-based design of databases of virtual sialic acid analogues against influenza A hemagglutinin
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A preliminary study on management, breeding and reproductive performance of camel in libya
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