Isolation of Trichophyton mentogrophytes var mentogrophytes from naturally infected laboratory albino rats: experimental infection and treatment in rabbits
N. A. Issa and I. K. Zangana
(Research article) (Pages 29-34) Download

Effect of chlorpheniramine on acute dichlorvos poisoning in chicks
Y. J. Mousa
(Research article) (Pages 35-43) Download

Comparative study of three methods of esophageal anastomosis in dogs
Z. T. Abd Al-Maseeh and M. J. Eesa
(Research article) (Pages 45-50) Download

Laparoscopic ovariectomy in rabbits
M. S. Al-Badrany
(Research article) (Pages 51-55) Download

Effect of some hormones on reproductive performance and some serum biochemical changes in synchronized black goats
F. T. Juma, N. N. Maroff and K. T. Mahmood
(Research article) (Pages 57-61) Download

Uterus didelphys in a buffalo heifer: a case report
O. I. Azawi, A. J. Ali, U. T. Noaman and E. H. Lazim
(Case Report) (Page 63) Download