Pathological and anatomical abnormalities affecting buffalo cows reproductive tracts in Mosul
O. I. Azawi, A. J. Ali and E. H. Lazim
(Research article) (Pages 59-67) Download

Bovine tunica vaginalis: a new material for umbilical hernioplasty in sheep
B. T. Abass
(Research article) (Pages 69-76) Download

Screening test for avian influenza virus antigen in poultry in Mosul
M. Y. Al-Attar and Th. M. Al-Nimma
(Research article) (Pages 77-79) Download

Prevalence of some parasitic helminths among slaughtered ruminants in Kirkuk slaughter house, Kirkuk, Iraq
M. A. Kadir and S. A. Rasheed
(Research article) (Pages 81-85) Download

Development of forelimb bones in indigenous sheep fetuses
N. S. Ahmed
(Research article) (Pages 87-94) Download

Some hematological changes in chickens infected with ectoparasites in Mosul
T. M. Al-Saffar and E. D. Al-Mawla
(Research article) (Pages 95-100) Download